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Buy Viagra online

Did you know that the best-selling medication in the world is Viagra? Maybe not so difficult to guess, but despite its popularity, unfortunately, we can not buy Viagra without a prescription. Fortunately, we live in a world where we can find drug suppliers from around the world with the internet.

In Europe are the similar laws in every country, and all sellers of medicines are approved by the Medicines Agency, which also displays their brand in the shop. In England, for example, you have very good medicines, and here you also sell products like Viagra without a prescription. Actually, it is not without a prescription, but you should get the recipe for the purchase, but you do not have to at least visit a doctor who has to print the recipe for you.

At you will find all online pharmacy who can deliver to you legally and quickly. So that you can buy viagra online at trusted pharmacists whose products have clinically proven effects on impotence. The purchase itself is obviously simple because there is multiple languages, the same payment method we always use is offered and no hidden fees are added.

Who can use Viagra?

pharmacyFrom the age of 18 years upwards, all men who do not belong to the above group can use Viagra to get erections, greater sex or longer erections.

Who Should NOT Use Viagra?

You who already use another drug containing nitrate, nitrogen monoxide and/or you who have had heart problems or recently had a stroke. Women should also not use Viagra because it does not produce any effect.

Do I need a prescription?

No! This is the biggest advantage of online pharmacy. If you want to shop with online pharmacy whose company is based in your origin country, you will need to consult a doctor and have a prescription printed, but if you order your Viagra pills at one of the European online pharmacies that we recommend, you do not need a recipe.

Instead of buying a product, you first ask for a recipe. You will then receive a questionnaire immediately (usually take about 2-3 minutes) and then you will get the recipe (if everything is ok) and you can only proceed and complete your order. Here you can see the entire purchase process.

Does Viagra really warrant erection?

No! You will not achieve erection automatically after taking Viagra, so that Viagra may work, you have to be sexually stimulated.

In other words, you do not go with stands that they like to show in the movies. In other words, it is not a lotion that causes us to get an erection without excitement, but tablets like Viagra make the system work “better” than usual to make it easier for us to get an erection.

How long does Viagra work?

According to most, Viagra has an average function length of 4 hours. However, it does NOT mean that you have an erection for 4 hours, without the fact that during this time you are easier to get erections and easier to maintain it.

However, Viagra can work differently for different people, which means that it can work for 6 hours for anyone. Then you should also know that there are different potency medication that has different types of effects. For example, if you want a longer effect, you can buy Cialis that works for up to 36 hours.

Simplest, if you choose a product you want to know more about. On our website you can read more about the potency medication of your choice and then see how long their effects are, as well as other pros and cons.

Side effects?

The most common side effects when using Viagra are:

  • a headache
  • redness
  • Rare side effects are:
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
  • muscle
  • stuffy nose
  • pounding heart
  • rubbed digestion
  • Effects on Visibility

What does Viagra contain?

First of all, you should know that Viagra is a potency agent and that today there are many different drugs that work like Viagra but simply have a different name. For us, all of these, such as Cialis, Levitra or Sildenafil, are also Viagra.

In other words, Viagra contains various things depending on which medicine against the potency you use. All of the Viagra tablets and agents we inform about have a table of contents on the website so you can immediately see what they contain.

If you want to know more about the contents of Viagra, you can read more about it on

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a drug developed by Pfizer, which would initially be a cardiac medicine for treating vaginal cramps.

Unfortunately, the medicine did not work, at least not for the heart, but on the other hand it had side effects, and one of them was that men with impotence could get an erection.

Nowadays, Viagra is sold as a potential agent that enhances sex drive and helps us to maintain and maintain erection before / during intercourse.

Original Viagra?

Viagra, Cialis, and any other potency medication clinically proven potential are medicines that can only be purchased if you have a prescription. However, this is something that many have gotten away with online. Instead of selling Viagra legally to Europe customers, one starts a company in a country outside Europe and then directs its website to the Europe market.

As a customer, we can clearly buy these Viagra tablets that are not genuine and have been created in a country where you have not proven its effect or where the country itself does not even care about the content. But … when we get our tablets, they can get caught in customs because it’s actually illegal to use Viagra without a prescription.

These Viagra tablets are cheaper than genuine Viagra tablets, which are delivered legally with a prescription, but if they are seized in customs, you will not get any tablets or money back. However, the worst of false Viagra is not the delivery but the content and effect that may have side effects we do not want.

Last but not least, it is illegal to use prescription Viagra so even if your fake Viagra tablets are delivered and working, you personally commit a crime when you buy viagra online without a prescription. What is genuine Viagra? Genuine Viagra tablets always have the same ingredient, always contain the substance sildenafil, developed by Pfizer and sell only with the prescription.

In most Europe pharmacies, you need to visit a doctor to get such a prescription but if we shop online, we can order Viagra completely legally from other European countries as long as we have a prescription. This is something we can do at Great Britain’s online pharmacy that delivers genuine Viagra with a recipe for the purchase.

Keep in mind that: False Viagra is rarely called “false”. Instead, it is called for Generic Viagra, Viagra Plus, Viagra Extra and so on. The real term for all of these is generic, ie not genuine Viagra without a dietary supplement that has a little of Viagra’s ingredient. Click here to learn more about Generic Viagra.

Truth or myth?

As with everything else in life, there are clearly myths about Viagra. We thought of the most common ones and give you the correct answer instead.

1. Erection problems are only in the head
This is false! The erection is clearly in the penis. The truth is that the brain actually prevents erection during most of our awake time.

What we mean by this is actually that the brain is an important player under the sex act because it perceives the cry and makes us excited.

The brain then sends signals to the penis and that is why one believes in this myth. But the signals sent from the brain to the penis are not the reason for getting an erection.

If the blood vessels are in good shape, if the nerves function and if there are enough hormones, chances are easy to easily get erections when excited.

2. Better fitness gives the better erection
Correct! Exercising is very good for us in many ways, and of course, training also helps against potency. Secondly, the body is more energetic and it is easier to get excited and we also protect ourselves against heart and vascular diseases, which we know can cause erection problems.

3. There is no good help to get
False! You can, as said, both counteract and improve your erection with exercise and diet, but you can also use potentiatives like Viagra to help us get erections. It’s safe medicine that is clinically proven so good help is there and it’s just under your fingers.

Can I try Viagra for free?

Many would like to try Viagra for free but unfortunately, this option is not available. On the other hand, you can order a smaller pack of 4 tablets.

Cheap Viagra

Watch out for cheap Viagra online. On the internet, we are not home in our neighborhood, city or even country. On the web, we visit websites from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, America and the rest of the world in general. It’s crazy, of course, but the problem it brings with it is many unscrupulous players who set up blueprints in countries without then making and selling their services or products in other countries where we can afford to pay well.

Certainly it may seem attractive to buy 300 Viagra tablets for €30 instead of 4 tablets that cost over €100. But if you never get your product, if your product is not working or in the worst case, have side effects that you really want – what does it matter to you how much you have paid for it?

In short, there are lots of cheap Viagra online, but these are usually called quite similar to viagra such as Viagralis or Viagra and then something underneath, hidden or in that style. The truth behind these is that they are sold as food supplements, which in Sweden do not need to be approved by the Medicines Agency’s.

In other words, foreign companies give the opportunity to sell any food supplements to us and call them Viagra similar pills or the like. So if you think Viagra is expensive to order from England, for example, we recommend that you buy Viagra tablets from state Pharmacy online by first visiting a doctor who writes a recipe for you.

 Most asked questions & answers

[expand title=”How long does Viagra work?”]
The average duration of viagra tablets is 4 hours. In other words, you should take a tablet 30 minutes before six and a maximum of 4 hours before sexual stimulation.[/expand]

[expand title=”How often can you take Viagra?”]

Answer: 1 tablet a day in 24 hours. If you want to take more, consult a doctor first.[/expand]

[expand title=”Can you take 2 Viagra tablets at the same time?”]
Answer: The answer is actually answered above, but for those who need it, it’s ok to take 2 tablets at once. However, for men who need it, better consult your doctor first.[/expand]

[expand title=”Is there any danger of using Viagra?”]
Answer: Only if you have other diseases affecting – but if you do, you will not be able to order viagra tablets because the pharmacy will see it when you conduct your consultation.[/expand]

[expand title=”What happens if you take too much Viagra?”]
Answer: According to researchers who made a survey, you can get priapism if you overdose Viagra. This means that you get a longer erection and a painful condition. In this case you need to seek a doctor. Note that too much viagra means taking too many tablets at the same time and not 1 a day for a longer period like most of us do.[/expand]

[expand title=”How often can I take Viagra?”]
Answer: Viagra tablets should be taken at most one tablet a day. In other words, you can take a tablet every day if you want / need it.[/expand]

[expand title=”Viagra 50mg or 100mg effect?”]
Answer: Choosing viagra tablets for the first time may not be the easiest. Should you choose 25mg, 50mg or 100mg? The best thing about us is that you start with 25mg for the first time and then increase your dose if you feel that you need it. Viagra 100mg clearly has the best effect but not everybody needs it. If you start with Viagra 100mg, you will never find out if, for example, 50mg was enough for you.[/expand]

[expand title=”Is it legal to buy Viagra online?”]
Answer: Yes if you shop from the European online pharmacy that we recommend. If you choose to shop at other online pharmacies, it is illegal because no other online pharmacy in Europe sells viagra tablets legally.[/expand]

[expand title=”How old should I be to buy Viagra?”]
Answer: You must be at least 18 years old to order viagra online. Beginning earlier is also something that most people would discourage because you may be addicted to viagra at an early age when you do not really need them but use them because of the uncertainty of not performing well in bed.[/expand]

[expand title=”I have a question I can not find answers to?”]
Answer: All online pharmacy we recommend has all the necessary information we need about their products and we can see it directly on the site, even as visitors, ie when we are not customers. If you can not find the answer there or would like to ask us something, please send us an email at and we will reply as soon as possible.[/expand]

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