6 most common causes of erectile dysfunction!

The 21st century, life is fast. Work, family, obligations, everyday problems! Life has become very stressful. Unfortunately, all this affects human health, both psychologically and physically. It’s just a matter of time when all these factors will start to affect our impotence. You wonder how and what are the factors that affect erectile dysfunction? We will give you 6 factors and they are:

1. Disease

Unfortunately, diseases that attack the body of a man can greatly affect his sexual capacity. Heart disease or high blood pressure is one of these diseases, both due to illness, as well as because of the drugs we take and side effects that make the circulation weaker and more difficult to reach erection and maintenance. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, and psychological illnesses are as well some of the diseases that affect male impotence.

2. Stress

Work, accounts, and many other problems can greatly affect the person’s erection or the absence of the same. Even after discovering the cause of the problem, it may take some time to resolve the problem. Of course, many men have found comfort in drugs that are 100 percent effective and have restored confidence to men.

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3. Nervosa

“The pressure that creates the desire for men to remain firm for a long time is often the reason why they do not succeed,” says Jane Greer, a sexual therapist for Cosmopolitan. In such cases, a little patience is enough to solve the problem. Try to talk to your partner about the problem, and if she really likes you, she will be patient and you may come to a solution.

If you still do not want to talk about this embarrassment with your girlfriend, try some of the recommended remedies from the English pharmacies that give you along with every medicine and legal recipe. Our recommendation is Cialis, an erection tablet, or the so-called weekend drug that gives you the ability to erect an erection for up to 36 hours. Without sexual stimulation, you will not have an erection. Just to let you know.

4. Smoking

Smoking can affect circulation and collect blood vessels. And for erection, it is known that blood flow is needed. It is also known that, in addition to smoking cigarettes, it influences the ability to achieve the erection, it also affects your fertility. Nicotine kills and reduces the number of sperm in the male body and scientifically reduces testosterone and the desire for sex.

So if you want to be a stallion in bed, or you’re working hard to get a baby, it’s best to reduce your smoking or even stop. If you have a problem with yourself and your girlfriend or wife getting a baby, try Maxatin. Not only will you get more sexual desire, but the amount of your ejaculation will increase and therefore the number of sperm will be increased.

5. Overdoing with alcohol

Alcohol slows down reactions and calms nerves, which reduces excitement. It acts depressively on people, to all parts of the body – literally. Many cases are when a person is overwhelmed and unable to get an erasure, or even when it is less likely to sustain it. Our advice is to avoid alcohol in such cases.

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6. Obesity

Excessive weight causes problems with circulation and damage to the blood vessels, and the blood harder comes where it should be at the time of sexual stimulation. Talk to your doctor, or make online consultation through the pharmacies we recommended on our site and find a cure to help restore your masculinity.

God luck and have a nice day!


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