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ViagraOnline.nu was founded in 2018 by a Swedish company that creates comparison sites that you can trust, where only the best products and companies are recommended. So that’s exactly what we’ve been looking for with Viagra online – to create the best guide you can always trust.

We live in Sweden, operate companies in Sweden and pay taxes here at home and think that the rest of the people just as we deserve the best. We do not want to help people commit crimes by hitting cheap viagra tablets that are illegal, or even recommending good generic viagra tablets when it is unreliable online pharmacies selling them.

So we have dug down in everything and found out what’s going on here in Sweden. After collecting all the information, we quickly realized that there were genuine Viagra tablets to buy online and that it was 100% legal, safe and fast delivery.

This is what we want to help more Swedes with, finding the best supplier and best product. As it appears today, no Swedish online pharmacy offers neither generic viagra nor viagra without a prescription or a prescription for the purchase as the English pharmacy, but it’s probably just a matter of time.

Until then, we hope to keep track of everything by keeping an eye on the market and constantly informing you of everything that’s happening.

The website is run by the Swedish company Mediaclever Sverige AB with organization number 559026-5111 and office at Forsgatan 3 in Osby.

This is how you order

  • 1. Click on the product
  • 2. Start your free consultation and get a prescription
  • 3. Now you can shop how much you want & whenever you want.

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Can be delivered to the following countries:

  • » within 7 business days.
  • » discreet packaging
  • » with a valid prescription for the purchase
  • » & without extra cost

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