Blacklisted online pharmacy’s

Check intently all the internet pharmacies we’ve listed on this page. According to us, these are unsafe, insecure, and illegal to trade at. In addition, the risk is huge to be deceived with a false Viagra or that the delivery does not arrive at all because of the so-called shortcomings of personal information that you missed while completing an order.  List is filled regulary!

  • – No permission and company information
  • – No permission & does not offer genuine prescription products
  • – Missing permission, using genuine Viagra images but selling fake
  • – Missing permission
  • – Selling Generic Viagra That’s False & Has No Permission Or Company Info
  • – No permission and no company information
  • – No permission and no information about the company
  • – No permission, no information about the company & seems to have cheated on rank in Google.
  • – Looks exactly the same as the seller above
  • – No permission, no company information
  • – No Condition, Selling Generic Viagra & No Information About The Company.

Many unreliable online pharmacies listed here have many more online sites that look exactly the same, but only have a different name. If you see a pharmacy that looks like this, we recommend that you stay away from them.

Did you buy from a pharmacy and were deceived? Send us an e-mail to and we will publish an online pharmacy here on our list.

Order from blacklisted online pharmacy’s

Why not buy Viagra in one of these unreliable pharmacies listed above when they are cheaper? If you continue to ask this question, we think you should read the article of the Medicines Agency. The Drug Agency discovers substances on Viagra tablets sold in licensed online pharmacies.

In short, the treatment agency tested all the tablets sold in unlicensed pharmacies and made a list of its substances. Here we found both drugs from analgesics and other substances that are toxic to humans. Even in some products, they found crushed bricks and pesticides. In other words, it is dangerous to take these potential preparations.


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  • 3. Now you can shop how much you want & whenever you want.

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