It is not only men who have problems with low libido, but it is also common in women. There are a variety of reasons why, as a woman, you feel that you have reduced sex drive when it is individual from one woman to another.

However, it is much more about impotence in men, while its female counterpart does not get much space either in the media, in the research world or elsewhere. However, we will provide information in this article on the subject, so we hope you will feel wiser after reading the text below.

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What is Femmax?

Femmax is described as “Viagra for Women” and on one of the pages that sell the product, you can read that Femmax not only stimulates sex drive to make more sense, it is also promising longer and more intense orgasms.

You take the tablet 30-60 minutes before sexual activity and you can take 1-2 tablets a day depending on your needs. You should not exceed the recommended dose, although it is not dangerous.

There is nothing better than you take more than 2 Femmax, so it’s very unnecessary to take more pills than needed. The body should take care of these pills just like others, so even though it is a dietary supplement, be careful not to take too many.

Femmax – Not approved by the Swedish Medicines Agency

When you look at the site and when you search for Femmax information, you quickly notice that it is a product that is not sold in regular pharmacies or in other serious stores. You can find it online, but not in the kind of online stores that feel safe to trade from. It is not a preparation approved by the Medical Products Agency and there is no proper information about either content or studies on how women are affected by the preparation and what side effects, and more, this preparation may have.

When it comes to this type of preparation you should be very careful. It’s always better to take it safe before it’s uncertain, even though it may mean leaving you without help for your reduced sex drive. It is better to contact a doctor or to investigate other possibilities where things are tested and where there is a clear table of contents and a list of possible side effects, how to take the preparation and so on.

Our tip is that you should always be careful when it comes to preparations that are not sold via regular channels because it is usually that there is a reason that it is in that way. In order to be as sure as possible that you can not suffer from any side effects that you can not handle because of the lack of proper research on that product, in this case, Femmax, you must adhere to approved and proven medicines.

Why do women buy Femmax?

It’s not a market for “Viagra for Women” when comparing to what it looks like with potency enhancing for men. There are a variety of medicines that are approved by the Medical Products Agency, which men can use, while the interest and research regarding female ditto are almost zero.

However, as with many other things, it is in the way that it’s going on, so it’s likely to be more of this kind of drug even for women who suffer. There are various tablets in the form of dietary supplements that are sold at pharmacies, for example, to find this type of preparation that has been approved and tested. It’s a much better choice than buying online from unsightly sites that you can not trust.

Reduced sex drive in women

Reduced sex loss may be associated with health problems or, for example, a drug, it is important that you are alert and keep track of your sex drive. It may be a sign that things are not right in the body and it is always good to be able to fix it as soon as possible.

In studies conducted with women as a focus group where just sex is the area around the world, it is seen that over half of Swedish sexually active women suffer from time to time. Population studies have shown that from 10% to 46% of all women may have a lust, but complete aversion is rare.

It’s not an inconvenience that occurs only in menopause, but it’s a problem that can affect any woman, old or young. However, it is most common in middle-aged and older women.

So, what is meant by a reduced desire in women and in what forms does it occur? According to Medibas.se, it is about the following:

  • an absence of or lack of interest in sex
  • an absence of sexual thoughts or fantasies, and the lack of subsequent desire
  • weak or no motivation to try to get sexually excited
  • with insufficient interest is meant that it is lower than perceived as normal for the age
  • group and how long the relationship has lasted

Sexuality and sex drive

There is nothing that can be called “normal” sex, but we are all different and we are thus also “normal” to ourselves. Thus, a reaction can not be said to be normal or not if you do not assume yourself, so do not compare with others.

Depending on who it is about, it may feel good and normal to sex once a month, once a day, twice a year or anything. It is only yourself that you can turn to to answer the question of what feels good and “normal”.

It is above that underlies how to see if you suddenly suffer from decreased sex drive (or increased, for that matter). If you are used to having sex x times a week and then seeing that it gets a lot fewer times than you are used to and it lasts for a while then you should look for what might be the cause.

Sometimes, the reason for the loss of sex lies in changing the relationship with the partner, or the partners with whom he has sex. If you do not feel completely as comfortable or satisfied with life, it may be that this is what affects and then it can be a position to think about the relationship or relationships you really are working. Slentrian can in many cases lie behind and if you only change life a little, the sex drive can come back in a moment!

Many different reasons

žWhat it is behind when you feel that you have reduced sex drive can be basically anything. Just like men, it’s with women, meaning that if you’re used to having a sexual desire and do not have it on occasional occasions, there’s no need to worry, but that’s when it’s becomes the norm as it is time to seek care (if you are bothered by the lack of sexual desire, it is not assumed that is the case).

In addition to the fact that the error may be in the relationship, it may also be that the problem is found in health problems, diseases, medication, etc. Often, when you get antidepressants, you suffer from decreased sex drive, for example, but there are other medicines that make you lose weight.

If you use a lot of alcohol and tobacco, it can also affect the sex drive, so if you do not have sex after a wet night, you do not have to worry about it. If you drink a lot and often use tobacco, it is important that you consider the fact that this may be the reason why you do not feel well.

It may also be that you have lower sex drive during the mens, or during your PMS, but this is individual so all women do not feel like this. However, it may be good to know that some are affected just during this time of the month, if it is noticeable of itself as well.

Obesity is another reason that may be due to lower sexual activity, but it is also individual.

Stress and fatigue are two causes that most have known of at least sometime, regardless of age and relation to sex. If you have a lot to think about and if it’s generally stressful and you’re tired, you’d rather just sleep as soon as you get an opportunity. If you are tired and stressed in general and feel that you do not want sex then you should not panic. It’s usually the only thing that’s needed is to get a little rest and then things go back to what’s normal for one’s self.

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