Maxatin is a preparation that is said to improve sex life in a variety of ways. Not only will you get more sexual desire, according to sites selling Maxatin, you will also experience an increase in sperm count in ejaculation. Maxatin is a dietary supplement and there is information about how many tablets to take. It is important that you do not exceed the recommended dose, which applies to all types of preparations.

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Why Maxatin?

Maxatin is said to improve the sexual experience, and with Maxatin, it also means that you get bigger rates. Maxatin may help to provide harder erections while at the same time helping to increase the volume of ejaculation.

Since there are many men who want an increased amount of batch, it is also that many people are testing this preparation. Although it is not the type of drug sold at pharmacies, or even investigated by the Medical Products Agency, it is a popular preparation.

When researching Maxatin, there are a number of different answers to the question as to what makes a man decide to use this preparation. As with so many other things, there are some things that unite because all users mention them as reasons, but there are also many things that differentiate different users of Maxatin.

There are a variety of reasons why many men consider that it is desirable with an increased amount of sperm in ejaculation. The two most common ones mentioned are that you want a bigger rate for wanting to become a parent and that it is “attractive” in a sexual situation.

Maxatin – a dietary supplement

At you can read that Maxatin is a preparation that contains only natural ingredients. This includes plant extracts and organic minerals. They claim on their site that Maxatin provides high efficiency as well as “no side effects at all” and this attributes the fact that only “ingredients that occur naturally in our organisms” are found in Maxatin. Note that this is what is said on, that is, one of the sites that sell the product, it is not our words.

When it comes to dietary supplements there are many different variants and it is definitely that some of them are good for various things. In order to find a dietary supplement that is good for the kind of problem you have, it’s best to do proper research to find out how it works. Different compositions work more or less well and in some cases, it may be that you need to mix yourself to work together.

About Maxatin (according to

When you look at the site called, you quickly get the feeling that this is a preparation that is mainly about sex and not so much about anything else.

Since it is in the sense that there is no reason to take this preparation if you do not want to achieve the specific effects that the preparation is said to give, it is directed to men. There are a lot of other dietary supplements of different types that you can choose if there is anything else you want help with.

The site continues to speak positively about the preparation from an economic point of view when it is thought that it is a good choice, purely economical. The reason why, according to, you can keep a low price is its large-scale production using “herbs found in all corners of the world”.

These are the key ingredients, according to the site:

  • L-arginine HCI / L-lysine HCU: amino acids needed for the body to synthesize nitrogen oxide that allows the arterial system to maintain its elasticity and thereby alleviate hypertension. These amino acids are both very important for hormone production
  • L-carnitine fumarate: promotes fat metabolism and oxygenation of the heart muscle. Provides dual support for energy production and cardiovascular function as well as a stable form of carnitine
  • Pumpkin: a good fiber source that helps keep the appetite in check. Strengthens both prostate and sexual performance
  • Maca Tuber: increases men’s testosterone levels and includes iron, copper, iodine and more
  • Cranberries: mildly diuretic and disinfectant, which helps keep urinary bladder and urinary tract in good health and bacteria free
  • Sarsaparillotrot: useful for teens who have skin problems associated with diet, hormone changes and/or weight problems
  • Zinc (like oxide): contributes to better sperm mobility and better sperm quality. Also important for testosterone metabolism
  • Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica and licorice

About sperm

Sperm is a mixture of different liquids that emerge from the penis upon release. The liquids that come out of the penis come from a variety of glands.

Sperm can either drain or spray out of the penis. No matter what it is “normal” and as long as everything works properly, it’s not “right” or “wrong” how spammy comes out.

There are many different types of sperm and this applies to both texture, color, smell, amount, taste and more. Color and texture say nothing about the quality of the sperm.

Sperm is derived from glands in the abdomen and it is divided as follows:

  • Seat blisters: 60%
  • Prostate gland: 30%
  • Testicles: 5%
  • Other small glands in the upper part of the penile urethra (Bulbourethral glands): 5%
  • The prostate gland and sperm bladder contain egg white matter and these coagulate when triggered. After a while, it dissolves and becomes waterier and this is why all sperm does not flow out of the vagina at once.

The fluid is “wallowed out” shockingly, and firstly, prostatic fluid and sperm and fluid from the spinal fluid (more viscous fluid). Shortly after the ejaculation, the corn oil is gelled for a little while and then it turns out to be easily flowing again. At the time of ejaculation it is almost always that the man experiences an orgasm at the same time, but in single cases, sperm excretion can occur without orgasm.

Most common is that the body starts to form sperm when between 13-15 years old, but it is individual and can begin both later and earlier in life. It is not that the ability to form sperm and sexual excitement is linked, but it is possible that you can have sex or masturbation even before you begin to form sperm. However, it is in the sense that when you begin to form semen, you are sexually aware, which means that you can make another person pregnant.

Amount of semen

Maxatin is said to increase the amount of sperm that comes out and, as usual, a batch is about 2-6 ml large, according to Maxatin, you can expect to land closer to 6 ml than 2 ml if you take this medicine. When the kit has to fit into the upper part of the urethra before it is released, it is difficult to get much more than 5 ml, but it is individual how much the rate is.

There are various factors that affect the amount of sperm and these are as follows:

  • When the penis had the last release: the closer the trigger, the smaller the volume
  • How sexually excited you are: the more sexually excited, the more triggers

The amount of sperm is filled all the time, so there is not a predetermined amount of sperm in each man, but instead, it is always the case that new sperms will always be present. If you get triggered, it’s often not the end of sperm, but after every release, new sperm and fill up. Every second, 1800 sperm is formed, so it’s definitely what you can call for a fresh produce. up to 1

In a single ml, there are up to 100 million sperm, which means that a single release of 2-6 ml can thus contain up to half a billion sperm (!). Of these are far from all workable, so there is a lot that just disappears along the way.

The very large amounts of semen that sometimes occur in porn movies are often trick-filmed. An invisible pump sprays artificial sperm that makes it look like there are extremely large amounts of sperm that comes out of the penis. This is one of the reasons why it has been requested with a preparation that can cause an increase in sperm when triggered.

Since it is usually a trick film with large amounts of sperm, it is important to remember just that. That it’s a tricky movie, so. You should not use the world of pores if you want to see what is “normal” because there is a lot that fails and is not at all true in this world.

For adolescents, it can be difficult to distinguish the porn world and the real world, so there are many who feel insufficient because they think that they should act like a porn star in their usual lives. The older you get, the less you will be affected, but then there are of course some things you want or can do, even though there is an industry that works with sex.

To find out what is trick film and fake before panicking a small rate when triggered is therefore recommended to everyone. Find out how it works in the real world and have sex with others instead of stuck in front of porn that gives a slew of reality!

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