Impotence or so-called erectile dysfunction: Tablets, pumps, sound waves or pellets? Which of these options is most successful for treatment?

We all heard about Viagra, which is definitely the most famous ED cure, but what about other treatments like sound waves or balloons that are placed in a male full body. Doctors discover, find out below what really works best.

Medicines that improve circulation

The so-called Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors are drugs that increase the blood flow to the penis by expanding the blood vessels and thus ease the flow of blood and the man achieves and maintains a normal erection. The most famous medications from this group are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and others.

They are taken half an hour before sexual intercourse and work from 2 hours to 48 hours depending on the medicine you are taking. The timing of the drug depends on whether you take it for a full or empty stomach. The logic tells us that if you take the medicine on an empty stomach it will work faster, even up to 15 minutes after taking it.

They are used orally with a glass of water. Tablet prices are affordable and you can legally purchase them through licensed pharmacies that we have offered on our site.

Advantages: Doctors explain that these drugs are the easiest way to treat erectile dysfunction and if used properly they are successful in 80% of cases. In the other 20% of cases when they do not help, doctors say that it is likely to be significantly damaged blood vessels.

Disadvantages: These drugs are most effective but the most common side effects can cause redness in the head. Sometimes due to pressure, they can interfere with the work of nerve endings in the eyes and can cause blurred vision.

 Vacuum pumps

Not a comfortable way, but it suits someone better. It’s also not for spontaneous moments. Vacuum pumps work in such a way that the penis is placed in a plastic cylinder from which the air in which the vacuum is formed is sucked.

This suction of the air causes the increased blood flow to the penis and the result of all this is the erection. Such devices can be found on various sites over the Internet and the price moves most about 100 €.

Advantages: Doctors say this method is not at all attacking now whether we can agree with it is from person to person.

Disadvantages: Half of the users believe that the pump does not provide enough firm erections. By using vacuum pump methods, bruises may develop in the genital area.

Therapy with sound waves

This therapy is reflected in the fact that the device creates intense forms of sound waves that are similar to an ultrasound and are used to breed new blood vessels in the penis, thereby enhancing circulation.

During this treatment, a special gel is applied to the patient’s penis and then the device is targeted at five locations along the penis, the treatment lasts three weeks, twice a week, every seven days.

This treatment cannot be afforded by everyone because the price is not very affordable. Only a little more wealthy men who suffer from ED have to allocate about 1500 euros for this treatment.

Advantages: This method is not attacking and is not painful.

Disadvantages: This treatment is recommended only for men who after treatment with Viagra were not lucky and those whose erectile dysfunction is solely due to problems with blood vessels. Also, another shortage of high-cost treatments is that not everyone is able to allocate as much money as the treatment is performed exclusively in private clinics where social insurance does not cover costs.

Installation of tiny balloons

Under general anesthesia, inflatable devices and tubes are inserted into the penis that acts as a prop. On the thin skin under the scrotum, a pump inflates these devices and, with the pressure on the pump, the balloons are filled with liquid and thus enable an erection within 60 seconds. These procedures are carried out in private clinics and the price of the same amounts is about 6 000 €.

Advantages: Men are more relaxed when it comes to making love and definitely this treatment allows for more spontaneity.

Disadvantages: After the procedure, patients should avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks, implants must be changed every eight to ten years because there is a risk of implant infection.


If you are wondering what we are talking about when we mention a pellet you need to know that they are spongy lengths of about 3 mm and about 1 mm wide and contain prostaglandin E1 and are placed on top of the penis through the urethra with a thin stick that you get along with the pack.

Patients, as a rule, put this preparation on their own and it is applied about 40 minutes before sexual stimulation (sex). It acts by spreading blood vessels and enhancing blood syrup. The medicine is available in only some European Union countries and is likely to be ordered over the Internet. One dose costs about 15 €.

Advantage: Patients who are scared of needles are most likely to choose this medicine.

Disadvantages: In only 30 to 50% of cases this medicine is successful. The medicine is not so popular and you are probably the same as I had heard for the first time now.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoy it.

Have a nice day!

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