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There are many online pharmacy’s on the internet, so finding a good pharmacy should not be so difficult, but an important thing for us normal people is that it is a safe, secure and legitimate online pharmacy. For this reason on ViagraOnline, we have created a list of only authorized online pharmacies that can completely legally deliver prescription drugs.

Do you wonder how? Well, by asking you to fill in a questionnaire for the first time, these online pharmacy determines directly if you are suitable to buy their products. If you are, a prescription is written by a registered doctor and sent home to you together with your purchase..

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Secure online pharmacy

How do you know if the pharmacy is safe for shopping? Many cheaters use symbols and images that symbolize safe trading, good products and secure payments, but that’s not what determines whether the online pharmacy is safe or not.

All online pharmacies in Europe have the same symbol that shows that they are legitimate and approved online pharmacies. You can see the symbol on the picture on the right. In other words, all countries in Europe have the same symbol, which means you will not have trouble finding a safe pharmacy.

However, it is not just an “image” in itself that tells us that this online pharmacy is safe. If we click on the symbol in the online pharmacy, then we will come to a pharmaceutical office in each country where we can view this online map on their list of approved online pharmacies.

You can buy medicine without a prescription

Why are these online pharmacies so popular? Because there are very few legal online pharmacies that sell the original Viagra, Cialis, etc. There is only one place to buy this type of product and it’s in the pharmacy, but to buy Viagra from pharmacy’s we first need to get a prescription from the doctor.

Here’s the main reason why Viagra and similar products have become a huge online market. Everyone can easily order their products at any time, 100% anonymous, and even do not need a doctor’s prescription before ordering them.

Instead, English internet pharmacies together with doctors have a built-in automatic system, where every buyer has to go through a questionnaire (only once), in which after the given answers you go through the system in which it decides whether you are fit to shop their products.

If everything is OK after the completed questionnaire, the internet pharmacy delivers your medicine in the next 1-3 business days, with a remedy you get a recipe for shopping, so you know that the tablets are genuine and that you do not violate the law, because you have a valid recipe issued by a licensed doctor.

This is how the consultation form looks like

Is it legal to buy prescription drugs online?

In the whole world, it is unlawful to buy prescription drugs online if we do not have a prescription. Since most online pharmacies are not legitimate online pharmacies, they are simply online stores that sell erection medications as supplements to food products.

For example, you can buy Viagra Professional, Viagra Jelly, Viagra Extra, etc., But all are dietary supplements that have little of the same ingredient as the original Vigra. However, the difference is that an impotence drug has not been approved and is classified as a dietary supplement, which does not have to be tested and proven.

This has led us to see many online stores that we can barely interpret today, these are all blurred pages where there are no texts where they sell fake viagra pills at very low prices. Take care of these online pharmacies that are based in the Third World countries , who do not care about the feedback of the visitor and pretend to sell the original products by giving them similar names to their original products.

Sleep peacefully with a calm conscience and improve your sex life with a proven medicine that you know will give you the effect you want. You can easily get to it, all you have to do is order the medicine you want from the online pharmacy that we recommended on our site. All of these pharmacies are approved and shipped with their recipes for purchase. This means if you buy medicines through these pharmacies you do not violate the law because you are receiving a valid recipe from a licensed doctor.

Examples of illegal trade in medicine


Blacklisted online pharmacy

Check out our list of blacklisted online pharmacy, which we really think you should not shop from, for various reasons (as we stated in the list).

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This is how you order

  • 1. Click on the product
  • 2. Start your free consultation and get a prescription
  • 3. Now you can shop how much you want & whenever you want.

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  • » within 7 business days.
  • » discreet packaging
  • » with a valid prescription for the purchase
  • » & without extra cost

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